Vermont Maple Syrup - Quart

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Product Overview

Each spring as the cold of winter is broken with its first morning above freezing temperatures, Vermont's sugar maples are tapped to gather the sweet say that is boiled into our "nectar of the gods" Vermont Maple Syrup. When you visit Vermont in early spring - late February to late March - you'll find sugar houses buzzing with activity as family, friends and neighbors work together to bring in this early harvest. Sugar houses become social centers where weather, politics and town meeting are discussed at length while the sap boils. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup so there's lots of time to talk!

Our special maple stock includes syrup, candies and cream. This delicious one-quart jug (946 mL) of real Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup is the perfect addition to your breakfast table.

Available in Grade A Amber and Dark.

Varieties of Vermont Maple Syrup

The grade system has changed. All syrup is now labeled as Grade A. There are four levels of syrup and these are based on flavor and color. Each is of equal quality. The same process is used to produce each of the levels with the variations in color and flavor resulting largely from changes in ambient temperature and biological activity in the sap. Golden syrup tends to be produced early in the season when temperatures are colder, while very dark syrup tends to be produced towards the end of the season.

Vermont Maple Syrup Grades Characteristics

  • Grade A Golden (Formerly Fancy or Light Amber) has a delicate maple flavor with a light golden amber color. It is excellent over ice cream or other foods that allow its subtle flavor to be appreciated.
  • Grade A Amber (Formerly Medium or Dark Amber) has a pronounced rich maple flavor and an amber color. The characteristic maple flavor makes it popular for table and all-around use.
  • Grade A Dark (Formerly Grade B) has a robust maple flavor and a rich dark amber color. Its heartier maple flavor makes it popular for table and all-around use. Its strong flavor makes it best for cooking.
  • Grade A Very Dark (Formerly Commercial Grade) has an exceedingly strong maple flavor. It is typically used as an ingredient for cereals and other baked products and in the smoking and curing of meats.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review