Live from Italy: Cooking Demonstration - Eggplant Pie and Torta Caprese

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Mother's Day Special Event Live from Italy. Cooking Demonstration by native chef Francesca Ruoppo. Hosted by The Monte Family of The Village Peddler and Chocolatorium.

Join us for a delicious and wonderful live virtual cooking class in your own kitchen!

On a family trip to Italy, we discovered this amazing store in the center of Sorrento. Two years later when we returned to Italy we arranged for a visit to the farm for a cooking lesson. Fattoria Terranova is located in the heart of the Land of the Sirens on the hills of Sant'Agata. Overlooking the bay of Naples and Salerno surrounded by six acres of lush vegetation including olive groves, vineyards and citrus groves.

Fattoria Terranova is a family project. Like the Monte Family and our chocolate shops, the Ruoppo Family, including Luigi, Rossella, Pia, Francesca, Roberto and Chiara, take care of all the details concerning the organization of the farm. We are so excited to share one of our favorite places in Italy with you.

Saturday, May 8th at 11 am EST (duration about 1 hour 15 minutes).

Register Now! Space is limited to 15 registrations.

Francesca will demonstrate an eggplant pie and torta caprese (chocolate torte).

Upon registration you will receive recipe cards, a shopping list, and wine suggestions, along with the Zoom link.

Price is $60

Cuciniamo. Buon appetito.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review